care instructions


Knitwear made primarily from natural materials do not need to be washed often ― usually once a season is enough even with frequent wear. On the contrary, it is a very good habit to air out the garment after each wear, preferably in cool, misty air.

When washing, please use ecologic mild soap suitable for wool and delicate fibres and avoid using fabric softener. Never tumble dry knitwear.

If you decide to wash your piece, turn it inside out and hand wash in lukewarm water. Squeeze out excess water between two towels and allow to dry in shape and flat, away from direct light or heat sources.

If you are afraid of damaging your item by washing it, a quality dry clean is a good option too.


Gentle hand-wash or dry clean. No tumble dry.


Modern washing machines have a program for wool, which can be even gentler than washing by hand, but verify that the spin is turned on a low speed.

You can also hand wash your wool garment in the same way as the mohair one.

No tumble dry.


Gentle hand-wash or dry clean. No tumble dry. 


For hand-dyed garments, wash according to the composition, but separately, and when washing, you can use papers against color transfer.

No tumble dry.


Store knitted items folded and not on hangers, which can irreversibly damage their shape.

Protect your knitwear from moths.