pensive cardi SAMPLE*

  • pensive cardi SAMPLE*
  • pensive cardi SAMPLE*
  • pensive cardi SAMPLE*
  • pensive cardi SAMPLE*

Pensive Cardi is my classic cardigan version but with a little fluffy twist.
This nerd-y like knit emphizes the vulnerable beauty of its owner. It´s hand knitted and hand brushed to medium/high fluffiness. Because what is fluffy can´t be boring, don´t you think? Thanks to mohair yarn is also warm and incredibly soft.
The fit is normal and comfortable.

colour: Inner Light (light greyish beige with pearl shine, colour of natural linen or milk with a drop of coffee)

one size fits S - M - L
height: 57 cm
bust: 48 cm
hem: 40 cm
sleeve: 80 cm

*SAMPLE means that the piece is the first-of-a-kind garment so every sample is unique but the price is at least 15% friendlier due to technical & creative research during the knitting process